Unique Promotions from Restaurant Around the World Through Social Media

Promoting a restaurant is not as easy as selling products. Indeed, what you offer is still a product. But it has a unique characteristic that you cannot send it without considering many things. Thus, it requires more creativity to do the campaign. As people today are using social media to share or even seek a reference, why don’t you use this platform to sell? If you are still confused, see the list below because there are unique promotions from restaurant around the world.

Another advantage of promoting through social media is from engagement side. You can keep your relationship with your customer further than you imagine. There are features that enable you to respond to their questions and comment. More than that, when you are able to create an interesting campaign, they will be attracted to buy or come to your place. Are you curious about it now? Let’s take a look further about unique promotions from restaurant around the world here:

1. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

It is one of the fast-food restaurant from the US. They love to make a competition weekly through their Facebook. It surely attracts people to monitor every update they make. Capriotti sets various games, like trivia questions, fill-the-blank, or photo contest. The winner is the most creative one. The winner will get a coupon from Capriotti. They send it through e-mail and the code can be used anytime the winner comes.

2. Upper Crust Pizzeria

Never miss a hype issue around you. That what makes this restaurant is interesting in their social media. Their updates always relate to the current issue. But remember, only the positive issue they raise. Even though there is a bad side, they successfully turn it into a positive way. You can see it from their post, also don’t forget to pay attention to their hashtag too.

3. Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

The reason why their campaign is unique because they can maintain their bond with the customers very well. They encourage people to respond through fun questions. The audience won’t remember the brand, but they will be attracted to the question you ask. Once they get the attention, there is the time to hit them.

4. Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Just by seeing the name, you will directly know that this restaurant is typically an Asian place. Actually, this is a food truck service that offers Chinese-American cuisine. What you have to learn from them is their creativity in creating a reputation. They make all employees are like family. The add humanity value inside the business, so the people engage them smoothly.

5. Pieology Pizzeria

Another way to appreciate your customers is by reposting their updates. This what Pieology Pizzeria has done. They often re-post their customer’s photos. By using special hashtags, their customers know when they are reposted. It makes special pride inside people’s self. Moreover, when you are a big brand, you can make people feel like a famous person just through one post.

Knowing unique promotions from restaurant around the world above proves you that it is not hard to campaign through social media. If you think you cannot create a creative design, then find another way. Those strategies above are worth to try. Make it yours and adjust to your goal.