Unbeatable Ideas of Marketing Strategies for Startup to Survive in Competition

Starting a business is awesome, but it needs a bit brave at the same time. Because today the market’s competition is getting hard. You can’t just do the usual things, moreover, keep using the conventional or traditional method. In this digital era, everything should be online, creative, mind-blowing, or whatever you name it. As our advice, we searched many ideas of marketing strategies for startup to survive in competition. Just see and think about whether it is worth to follow or not. But we assure you that the tips below are unbeatable.

We know that many marketing strategies have been shared on the Internet. You can choose from the free one until the most costly ever. However, not all of them were proven effective. Some others just require more budget for nothing. The marketing strategies for startup to survive in competition below are easy to follow. But don’t underestimate because many big startups applied the same thing. Here what we are talking about:

1. Be Social Media Savvy

We don’t have to mention social media one by one. We assume you are the generation that uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, very often. Now it is time to dig deeper for social media use. Social media is not only a platform to share photo, videos, or comments. It could be your weapon if you can maximize this media. Then, no need to worry about your existence in the market.

2. Keep Update the Technology

Today another thing you must do is updating technology issue. Even though you are not passionate about the computer, gadget, and other technical things, it doesn’t mean you can avoid. Because, currently, technology is not only about gadget. All development around you cannot be separated from technology development. Moreover, when you are running the startup, you must elevate your step. Technology can help you through this.

3. Add Some Value

We know that you want to generate sales as much as you can. But in this era, you cannot just sell without offering other things. This what we mean about value. Adding value could be easy when you can find the relation between your business and people’s value. For example, the seamless business trip, the openness between the couple, and many more. Present this in your marketing activity, then your customers will be attracted.

4. Build Your Brand Personality

Actually, it is quite same as adding value for the customers. But the difference is building brand tends to your internal. It is about the breath of your business or simply said, if you are still confused, brand personality is how your business looks like a human. Every human has their identity, right? Then, here you create and strengthen for your business.

5. Monitor the Competitor

Do an observation of your rivals’ marketing strategies. It is not for jealousy. In fact, you can learn something new or at least get an insight. Track every promotion or activities they do. You might be overwhelmed with this. That is why you need a little team to spy them.

Build your startup with full of focus. That what makes the startup sustain and able to compete in the market. Create your own goal, then try one of the marketing strategies for startup to survive in competition above. Don’t forget to evaluate every program you have done. Make notes which are effective and not.