This is the Top 3 of the Best Nintendo Old Games in Forever

Nintendo has bring the game’s world into a new and far away from before. They succeed produce many of the legendary games that will be last forever. However, these are many people who still loved the Nintendo old games. Besides, if you interesting to buy it, you can find the console on e-Bay and let’s turn back to the old times.

I have tried to write down some of the best Nintendo old games for you. Maybe in here, you will find the old memories you forgot. Just scroll down and check it out!

1. Contra

Well, this is my favorite games when I was just a little kid. Contra offers you an adventures game with only 2D graphics. However, you can use many different weapons by picking flying alphabet like S, F, or L. It has a storyline where the characters try to enter the enemy’s territory and kill the boss.

Honestly, you don’t need any strategies while playing it. You just need to keep firing your weapon and keep walking like a crazy dog. But, as a kid, the old you will be interesting in this game because it was that fun. Above all, this game offers you a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friend or your family.

2. Duck Hunt

It is a really good game where we use console like a real pistol to shoot the flying ducks. You will have a cute dog as a friend that will help you collecting the shooted duck. You will love to play this game because it was challenging. Playing this game will make your adrenaline increased and you will be a little bit nervous.

The best thing you can take from this game happens when you succeed shoot the duck. The dog will take it and the back song will sound a cute one. Try to get more duck in a single round to get a higher score. Besides, when you miss the duck, your dog will act like he sad.

3. Kung Fu

This game is about a character who tried to save his girl in a dojo. You should face a lot of the enemy’s troops and keep walking. It is cool when you can beat many enemies, as a result, you will get a matter of pride. Besides, you should be careful about the troops because it can come from your back.

However, the only thing you can do with your character is punch and kick. But it gives you an experience like a Bruce Lee, master of kungfu. You will face many sucks enemy which getting stronger at each level. Try to beat all of them and let’s bring back your girlfriend as soon as possible.

These are the top 3 of the best games that brighten up our child’s phase. As the old generation, we are not the user of a smartphone that offers more amazing games. But still, remember that the new one cant beat the old memories. Interesting to play those games again? Just use the emulator and explore your old games.