Sales and Marketing Definition

Do you know what requirement to run a successful business? Many people will answer the question with answer such as by having great products. Partially, it is true but it is not the only thing that a company is needed in order to run a successful business. Moreover, initiating sales needs potential customers to know that a product happen, for what, and why it is better than other products that are offered by a competitor’s. 

Sales and Marketing Definition

In addition, the obligation to advertise those kind of information lays on the shoulders of the marketing and sales team. Commonly, marketing team has a dominating part at the starting point of potential sale. For instance, a marketing team may create a new pamphlet to spread information regarding a product launch. Meanwhile, a sales team work to settle a deal by interacting directly with lead and addressing their regards. 

Defining sales and marketing 

The definition of sales operations and activities that are related to promoting and selling goods or services. Meanwhile, the definition of marketing is the way or method of promoting, selling, and distributing products or services. 

From the above statement, there are two factors  that could be highlighted between sales and marketing relationship: 

Firstly, the responsibility and obligation of each team are  intimately related. And the second factor is that marketing has an essential part in supporting sales. 

Virtually, marketing department  most likely will carry the responsibility to lift awareness of a product and also initiating a high quality leads for sales department. Furthermore, in a marketing department there is a position which is called marketing-qualified lead. It is a lead that suit specific criteria that is established by the marketing department.  Furthermore, department marketing is also established a sales-qualified lead to help the marketing department to find the highest value of the plan. 

Sometimes, the sales department may complain  to the marketing department that the leads do not meet the qualification that is already established by the sales team. Even though, there is a potential of conflict between marketing team and sales team, it is also provide a chance for both of them to collaborate. The more efficient both of them can share their ideas,  then the better coordinated their interpretation are likely to be. 

All in all, to manage a successful business, company not only needs a good quality product, but it also needs a good marketing and sales team. These two elements are essential to run a successful business. Moreover, they also have a different responsibility but still closely related to each other.