How Much You Can Make From Stock Photography In 2019

Not many people know how to make mone from photography. Not only channeling hobbies and talents in the world of photography. But there are also benefits in the form of money can be achieved. Then how much you can make from stock photography? The following is the explanation.

How Stock Photography Can Make Money?

Stock photography is an activity of providing a variety of visuals or photos that meet certain standards or licenses. There are many microstock agencies in the form of websites to accomodate the work of contributors to be displayed to others.

Because the agency is in the form of a website, there are accounts that must be created by potential contributors. And usually before being able to submit the results of his work, the website will submit a test to contributors. The aim is is to find out wether the results of their work can be in accordance with the standards they have made.

Photos uploaded by contributors will be displayed on the website. The people who interested in the photo will buy it with the website. The royalties from the sale of these photos will be given to the contributors who have been predetermined by the agency. That’s how much you can make from stock photography.

Royalty Stock Photography For Each Agency is Different

So many microstock based agencies or website that have sprung up cause a bit of competition. This will also affect the amount of royalties offered by the agency. The following is how much you can make from stock photography on various websites or stock photo agencies.


The first site as a stock photography agency is This site offers profit sharing contributors that have sold around 20 to 62 percents. That’s how much you can make from stock photography in If many people buy the photo the price will be higher. And the money will be sent via an electronic payment system such as paypal or moneybookers.


The next site is which is quite different from other microstock agencies. Because it has an application that can be accesed on a smartphone. The benefits or royalties offered by are not much different from which range from 20 to 60 percents. This figure will be calculated from the sale of photos sent by contributor.


iStockphoto is one of the sites that is quite popular with stock photo contributors. Contributors will get a profit of 15 percent as royalties from the sale of photo. However, if the contributor has an exclusive status, the provit will increase to 22-45 percent.


At the revenue that a contributor will receive from each sale is 30 percent. In addition, contibutors will get a royalty of 0,38 percent every time someone subscribes. The payments system also use electronic payment systems such as monebookers, paypal and checks.


The next microstock agency is If you join this agency, contributors will get a profit of 70 percent. The calculation is taken from the price of photo sold. And financial payments also though electronic payments system such as paypal.

It’s all information about how much you make from stock photography. Maybe stock photography cannot be used as the main work. But only to take advantage of the hobbies being carried out. Even so, the benefits of the stock photo business are also a pity to pass up especially those who love photography.