Getting the Best Apps for iPad Pro

iPad has been developing software and feature for the past couple of years. Each year a new iPad is released with new features and technology that are always advanced. The newest iPad that was released is the iPad Pro which comes with an Apple pencil. Some of the best apps for iPad Pro are designed to work with a pencil. But there are other apps that you must download, that doesn’t need the pencil

There are many options for apps that people must download on their iPad. Whether you are using the iPad for work, school or just having fun, there are many options. The best apps for iPad Pro are the ones that can support your needs. Here are some of the best that many people have download:

1. Photoshop

Editing a picture or photo is usually done on a computer or a laptop. However, Photoshop for iPad Pro is now available for all iPad users. The app is made for professionals to work and edit anywhere and anytime with their iPads. With the support of Apple’s pencil, their work is easier than ever. Like normal Photoshop, the app also comes with great features to edit a picture. However, the app is a bit heavy to load on the iPad. Don’t worry this problem is still being fixed, so be patient.

 2. Comixology

For those who love to read comics, must download the Comixology. This app has one of the most complete comics in the world. From Marvel, Top Cow until DC you name it all, and they have it. So, use your iPad Pro to read more and learn more. To get the app, people must subscribe and pay an amount of money. However, the amount that people pay is worth the comic they will get.

 3. Duolingo

If you are planning to learn other languages such as French, German or Italy, then download this app. Duolingo is an app that provides a tool to help people learn other languages quickly. They provide vocabs, lessons, tests, and conversation making people easier to learn. Overall it is one of the best apps for iPad Pro, especially for new people.

 4. Noteshelf 2

Decrease the amount of timing using paper, by changing it with using your iPad Pro. With the Apple pencil, people can write their notes in Notshelf 2 without having to worry about losing it. Other than writing, people can also use the app for sketching or drawing. Maximize the use of Noteshelf 2, so you don’t need to bring many books or writings.

 5. Microsoft Word

An app that is now available on iPad to help workers is Microsoft Word. It is sure that many people know this app and uses them daily. Now, rather than having to type on your computer, use your iPad Pro for typing or just editing files. So, people can now open and edit any words with their iPad.

There are still many iPad apps that people can download to support their needs. However, some of the best apps for iPad Pro are not free, and a bit expensive. If this happens, try to search for a similar app that can give a free trial. By this, you can know whether you need to download it or not.