E Entertainment News and Other Portals for Hollywood News

E Entertainment News is one of the best celebrity portals to visit and follow. This portal is considered being able to give you much information about celebrity accurately. They may spread their journalists everywhere to spy and take pictures of popular celebrities like singers, actors, models, and more. Aside from E Entertainment News, what are other recommended portals to visit? Here is the list.


TMZ was founded in 2005 and known as the fastest site to give information about celebrities. Uniquely, the news from this site is always accurate. When there is a gossip blown currently, some weeks or even days later, that gossip comes true. Initially, the owner of TMZ confessed that his team paid those celebrities to tell something as well as capture their exclusive photos. Well, as in formation, TMZ is known as the fastest news portal to inform the death of Michael Jackson in 2009. Even the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it was TMZ that buzzed firstly.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is the most hated news portal by celebrities. How can it be? The way they inform readers is really subjective. Sometimes, it is not necessarily true with the fact. But being subjective and not accurate doesn’t make this site has a bad reputation. In fact, many people just love to read this site since the gossip blown is indeed really juicy. It is said that the owner of Perez Hilton is a male blogger who is close enough with a number of celebrities. That’s why; he can just get information faster.


Compared to other news portals, Hollywood indeed looks more professional. Yes, it is telling about all gossip but in much smoother ways. Consequently, the news feels not too “hot” compared with the two other portals mentioned above. But sure, it is more recommended for you who are looking for news portals that tend to be objective and fair. Interestingly, Hollywood is more than just a place for gossiping. Make sure to get more information about your favorite music and movies.

Slash Film

Different from other portals above that focus on celebrity gossip, Slash Film is a little bit different. The focus of this website is indeed movies and music. But you should not worry since celebrities gossip can just be enjoyed here. Interestingly, Slash Film makes sure that their news is really accurate and coming from the most reliable sources. So, make sure to follow this one.