What exactly is a project manager?

Project managers are just that, they manage projects.  While project planning and management may seem like a simple easy job of bossing people around, it is not. Project managers take all of the pieces to larger complex puzzles and fit them together before acting.  This ensures that the correct picture is created in the most efficient way possible.  Project managers create strong plans.

Why is a strong plan important?

Well, some like to fly off the seat of their pants and it may work out, but instead it may be wiser to have a plan in place that ensures no overlapping, miscommunication, or holes in the project.  This could not only save time and frustration, but also save a lot of money in the long run.  A great plan can make sure tasks are done once and done right.  It is like building a strong foundation for a house.  If the foundation has a hole, the entire house could collapse.

project planning and management

What could be involved in a project plan?

·    Stakeholders Plan: This focuses on how to manage stakeholders by identifying their roles, strengths, and goals within the plan

·    Overall Project Integration Plan: This plan takes all of the pieces and shows the larger puzzle it will create (including the score, time, cost and quality).

·    Human Resources: This will enable you to see who you need and what skills they must have.

·    Communications plan: Who needs to know what so everyone is in the loop.

·    Risk Plan: This shows what the risks are and how to prevent them or solve them quickly.

·    Procurement Plan: This answers the how.  How will you get the people and things you need for this plan to work?

It is clear that project managing is not only a difficult task, but also a necessary part of your business’ plan.