Best 5 Movies You Should Watch in 2020 That Will Excite You

The end of the year is near and you can find out of new movies that will air in 2020. Starting from superhero movies to animation, which you have long been waiting for. There are movies you should watch in 2020 and you will not want to miss it.

You will be able to watch many new movies next year. Or, you can also watch the sequel to the movies you have watched in the previous year. Here are 5 movies you should watch in 2020:

1.     Bond 25

Movies about British secret agents 007 are always interesting to watch. Bond 25 is the 25th movie in the James Bond movie series, which will air April 3, 2020, in the UK. However, the airing schedule in the United States is April 8, 2020.

Just like the previous three movies, Daniel Craig will play James Bond. In this movie, Agent 007 has the duty to save the kidnapped scientist. There will be many famous Hollywood artists involved in this movie. And this movie will be Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond.

2.     Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys for Life or called Bad Boys 3 is a continuation of Bad Boys II. This movie will be released on January 17, 2020. Like the two previous movies, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will play the same role.

In this action-comedy movie, Lowrey and Burnett will again work together to face an Albanian mercenary. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are the directors of this movie. Furthermore, many people expect that Bad Boys for Life is the ending of the previous Bad Boys story.

3.     Dolittle

This fantasy genre movie is a creation of Hugh Lofting’s children’s fiction adaptation. Moreover, this movie tells the story of Dr. John Dolittle who has complicated life in his residence. However, he is not alone because he has various exotic animals as his friends.

This movie will be released on January 9, 2020, and the main actor is Robert Downey. Reportedly, Selena Gomez will also play in this movie. Therefore, this movie is one of the movies you should watch in 2020.

4.     Birds of Prey

The 2016 Suicide Squad movie that was aired in 2016 received a lot of criticism from movie critics. However, there are still some artists who get more credit for their efforts in playing the characters in the movie. One of them is Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn.

The figure of Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad is one that stands out in the movie Suicide Squad. So, director Cathy Yang saw an opportunity to raise the figure of Harley Quinn to a movie. The movie tells the story of Harley Quinn who parted ways with the Joker and formed his own criminal group.

5.     Fast and Furious 9

Fast & Furious 7 was originally thought to be the last movie of the Fast & Furious franchise. But in reality, the franchise is still continuing. Even though one of the characters that are considered a family in the movie, Paul Walker, has passed away.

This movie will still continue in 2020 with the title Fast & Furious 9. If there are no obstacles, Fast & Furious 9 will air in May 2019. Players who will play in this movie will not be much different from the previous movie. Justin Lin is the director of this movie.

Those are 5 movies you should watch in 2020. Make sure you do not miss to watch it because all the movies are very exciting. So, what movie are you most looking forward to watching next year?