5 Photography Rules You Should Know That Will Improve Your Photos

Photography is a work of art that actually has no rules. However, there are a number of photography rules you should know. You can apply this to produce higher quality photos and the messages from your photos are well conveyed.

This rule will help you to take more interesting photos. In addition, by knowing the rules of photography, you can make yourself a professional photographer. Let’s find out about photography rules you should know:

1.     Pay Attention to Lighting

Light is one of the basics that you really need to understand if you want to take pictures. Because you have to know how much light and the direction of light can affect the results of the photo.

The direction in which light is coming is an important essence, which refers to the location and original source of light. This is to determine the distribution of shadows on the photo.

2.     Arrange The Composition

The composition is the arrangement of objects that you will take pictures of. There is a rule called the rule of thirds in the world of photography. So, you have to imagine a rectangular frame into nine parts of the same size.

You need vertical and horizontal shadow lines when you want to take pictures. Then, you can try to align the main object so that the composition looks balanced and aesthetic.

3.     Maximize The Pattern and Shape of Objects

There are three types of aspects that support patterns and shapes, namely, rhythm, symmetry, and triangles. Rhythm is a form of a photo that you take repeatedly. Then, symmetry is a photo taken from two different sides.

Meanwhile, triangles are formed in a photograph by a diagonal line. The existence of patterns and shapes will make photos look more attractive. Knowing about the pattern and the shape is so important. So, this is one of the photography rules you should know.

4.     Optimize Your Point of View as a Photographer

The next photography rules are regarding the point of view of the position of the photo you will take. Different points of view between photographers can produce different photos and perceptions. Photographs from a low point of view mean showing dominance, strength, and authority.

In contrast, a high point of view conveys a message about vulnerability and weakness. Therefore, you as photography should know the message that you will convey before you take a picture.

5.     Take Advantage of Leading Lines on The Camera

Utilizing the lines in the image can help you direct the viewers’ attention. For example, when you want to look at a photo object or explore every corner of the photo.

Leading lines can be straight, wavy, diagonal, zigzag or anything else. All of these Leading Lines can you use to add composition to your photos. Actually, this point connects with the second point.

So, you as a photographer must be able to combine 2 rules in one picture. The more you understand about how to maximize Leading Lines, and then you will get the perfect photocomposition.

Now you already know about photography rules you should know. However, you need to remember that photographers must have their own photo style. Therefore, you should not feel limited when you want to take pictures. Even though there are many photography rules that you must pay attention to.